Heated Diving Undersuits


Looking for a solution to stay warm underwater and have more pleasant dive? The revolutionary Thermalution Waterproof Far-infrared Power Heated Diving Undersuit is your answer! It is designed to be worn underneath your wetsuit or drysuit and turns your standard wetsuit or drysuit into a much more comfortable heated wetsuit/drysuit. It is made of premium blend of elastic nylon and lycra that’s UV approved, resistant to odor, stain, and bacteria, lightweight, quick dry, and provides protection against wetsuit/drysuit rash. A variety of models to choose from.

Thermalution’s innovative far-infrared non-metallic heating system is positioned on the back of the rashguard undersuit to provide warm far-infrared heat that heats deep within your core and may improve blood circulation to the entire body. The temperature controller has 3 temperature settings (low, medium, and high) which are adjustable even underwater so divers can easily turn it on and off or change the heat to a desirable setting to cope with the different water temperatures. You will be amazed at how much more comfortable and warm you will feel in your favorite underwater activities after turning on your Thermalution Waterproof Far-infrared Power Heated Diving Undersuit!